Hi there, my name is Julianna. As you can already tell, I love photography. My dad was an artist and a photographer back in USSR, having a baby book where I can look through my photos and compare myself to my children’s looks is pretty fantastic feeling. I am so thankful to my parents for this book. I was exposed to film photography back in Ukraine, in fact, I got my first digital camera, only after I moved to the US, and now I shoot mostly with my digital equipment. I see the benefits of both, so depending on a situation or a type of a session you will see me caring one or another.

A little about me:

To be honest, I did not want to write this section. It feels a bit tacky but as long as I remember myself  I was always about others. It took me 30 years to learn who I am and embrace it. I am confident that this section will help you get to know me a little better, after all, I will be that person that you choose to take photos and to see your precious moments through my eyes.

I was born in Ukraine and moved to the US while in school and now living in a beautiful state of WY with my family. I still have family in Ukraine, it is in my heart and will always be my home. I speak with a little accent, you would think I’d lose my Russian accent after living in the US for over a decade, but don’t worry except a few letters, mostly W and V (which sound the same in my pronunciation no one will have trouble understanding me). Family and God are my anchors. While growing up, I had my mom and my grandma as my most significant positive role models; both were breadwinners of the family, so I always had a vision in my head that I have to support my family no matter what, so you can say hardworking is in my blood. Even though I love things like ice skating, rollerblading, swimming in hot springs in the winter time and everything pink, girly and sparkly, (yes, I am sort of like a little kid sometimes) I am still a little bit nerdy. I love to learn new things. I shave a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Law and currently going to school for my MBA. I speak Russian, Ukrainian, and English(duh...not sure why I added that...)and some Korean. I love to be involved with helping and volunteering in my community; I am a vice president of Riverton WY Splash Pad Group, currently enrolled in Fremont Leadership Course and a member of Riverton Chamber of Commerce. I also volunteer for other causes that involve helping families in our community!!! I am seriously addicted to Latte coffee, good earl black tea with bergamot, I enjoy quiet mornings to myself, cooking good comfort food (Ukrainian borsch and stuffed cabbage rolls are my favorites), enjoy traveling and meeting new people when I get a chance. I feel the most energetic when I pick up my camera and start taking portraits. I am also a firm believer in Law of Attraction and positive thinking, I never shoot or edit when I feel down or upset.

Recent favorite books: Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, Power by Rhonda Byrne


My photography style:

 I am all for simplicity and photographing the perfect moments, the actual feelings and all the fun my clients will experience during their photo shoot. Sometimes the simple photo that is filled with feelings and emotions can speak a thousand words. I love candid portraits with some directional posing, the mix of traditional classic look and journalistic documentary where it is needed. Sometimes, my clients who are there for the experience, let me be in charge, and those sessions turn out to be the best photos they love. For Family and Senior Portraits, I strive to have beautiful scenery around, and that is why I hardly charge additional travel fees to specific places in the mountains. Taking portraits professionally, for well over seven years now, I strive to deliver photographs that are timeless and meaningful. Since every client is unique I encourage to meet with me before the session whether it is in person or by Skype, Facebook Video Chat to get to know each other better and ask questions. Your session is all about you, your family, your love, your pets, your special day. And I want you to know, that I will be there for you. To picture it with my vision for you to remember for many years to come. 

I have visited a few states, but would love to shoot weddings at these locations:

North and South Carolina, Oregon, Washington, California, Montana, Alaska, and Idaho.

Available to travel Worldwide.